We work in order to make everyone feel certain of tomorrow!


FSUE “Federal center of nuclear medicine projects design and development” of FMBA of Russia was founded on September 1st, 2010 by FMBA of Russia order  in connection with the appeared demand for the industry, developing in the country. At the present moment the enterprise portfolio cocnsists of more than 30 medical radiology projects, in which the Federal Center took part at different stages of their implementation (from concept-based and design developments to commissioning). Among them there are 8 radionuclide diagnostics departments with gamma-ray chambers or SPECT, 7 positron emission tomography centers, 5 radionuclide therapy departments, 6 beam-therapy (internal and external) departments, 3 laboratories for medical radioisotope production, 2 large medical radiology centers (that consist of the abovementioned departments), including the Federal hi-tech medical radiology center of FMBA of Russia in Dimitrovgrad. Development of design documentation is performed by the qualified personnel of Saint Petersburg branch “Central project institute of nuclear medicine”. The competencies of the stuff that works in the Federal Centre allow the enterprise to perform functions of the General Contractor. We obtain the comlete package of permits required in compliance with the legislation requirements for design and construction of radiation hazardous sites.


At all the stages of project implementation the Federal Center renders service, based on experience, R&D and engineering support in the process of nuclear medicine facilities construction with account of particular characteristics of the current regulatory and legal framework, requirements of the government regulatory agencies, and the market situation.


The federal Center branch – “Zavod “Medradiopreparat” is the largest domestic manufacturer of radiopharmaceuticals products, which within more than 40 years supplies the Russian market and the one of the neighboring countries with more than 12 types of radiopharmaceuticals and medical products based on radionuclides such as 99mTc, 131I, 123I, 89Sr, 67Ga, 111In, 51Cr. After reconstruction in 2010 the enterprise acquired the necessary conditions, meeting the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice standards for medicinal products) requirements. In cooperation with the leading scientific centers (“Federal medical biophysical center n.a. A. Burnazyan” of FMBA of Russia, “Medical Radiological Research Center” of the Ministry of Health of the RF, and many others) the works on development of the newest medications on the basis of radioactive isotopes 188Re, 68Ga, 90Y, 99mTc and radionuclide generators with implementation of innovative methods and modern technology for diagnostics and treatment of oncologic and other socially significant diseases are performed.


The enterprise carries out scientific and innovative activities on preparation of expert reports, recommendations, reference materials concerning regulatory issues, permission and manufacturing documentation, choice of process equipment, statistical information and other data in the radioactive medical technology field, including participation in the Government interdepartmental programme “Nuclear medicine development in the Russian Federation”.



FSUE “Federal center of nuclear medicine projects design and development” of FMBA of Russia.
46/15, Zhivopisnaya str., Moscow, 123098
Telephone/fax: +7 (499) 281-91-61; +7 (495) 796-94-25; +7 (495) 796-94-27
Branch “Zavod Medradiopreparat”
46/15, Zhivopisnaya str., Moscow, 123098
Telephone/fax: +7 (499) 281-91-61
“Zavod Medradiopreparat” is the leading manufacturer and supplier of more than 10 types of radiopharmaceuticals in Russia. It successfully performs development of newest medications with the application of radioactive isotopes, implementation of innovative methods and modern technology in the process of cancer treatment.
Branch “Central project institute of nuclear medicine”, Saint Petersburg
lit. Ц, 27, Engels pr., Saint Petersburg, 194156
Telephone/fax: +7 (812) 309-33-88
“Central project institute of nuclear medicine” was founded in 2010. Highly qualified specialists such as architectures, engineers, production engineers, and estimators work there.
Branch “Laboratory for radiopharmaceuticals production”, Obninsk
49a, Kurchatova str., Obninsk, the Kaluga region, 249032
“Laboratory for radiopharmaceuticals production”, located in Obninsk, is under construction. Together with “Zavod Medradiopreparat” the Laboratory will provide development and production of radiopharmaceuticals.


  • Otrubchak Sergey

    (Federal Center)

  • Volnov Alexey

    First Deputy Director (Federal Center)

  • Korolkov Andrey

    Chief engineer
    (Federal Center)

  • Valeev Rinat

    Head of the commercial department (Federal center)

  • Zverev Alexander

    Director (Branch "Zavod"Medradiopreparat")

  • Kalistaya Marina Serafimovna

    Director (Branch "Central project institute of nuclear medicine", Saint Petersburg")

The enterprise mission


We work in order to make everyone feel certain of tomorrow!

In order that people will be able to dream, plan, and create...

We work in order that confidence in any human being’s future would result in steady future of our country.






On April 1, 1967 the plant Zavod “Medradiopreparat “of the Ministry of Health of USSR was created on the basis of the Manufacturing Department by the Preparation laboratory of the  Biophysics Institute.

The main function of the plant consisted in production of radio labelled pharmaceuticals, panels, radioisotope generators and ionize radiation sources for diagnostics and treatment of diseases and domestic medicine needs.


Starting from September 1, 2010 the enterprise got the name of FSUE “Federal center of nuclear medicine projects design and development” of FMBA of Russia.

Nowadays, FSUE “Federal center of nuclear medicine projects design and development” of FMBA of Russia is a unique scientific, production and project complex aimed to creation of nuclear medicine facilities, using new innovative medications for diagnosis and treatment of socially significant diseases.