Design and survey works

FSUE “Federal center of nuclear medicine projects design and development” of FMBA of Russia carries on design, construction, and instrumentation of various nuclear medicine facilities

Our services

FSUE “Federal center of nuclear medicine projects design and development” of FMBA of Russia carries on design, construction, and instrumentation of various nuclear medicine facilities. Standard projects of PET centers in different modifications and of radionuclide diagnosis and therapy centers and departments have been developed.

We render a wide range of services, in particular:

  • Building contractor functions
  • Technical customer functions
  • General constructor functions
  • General designer functions
  • Instrumentation
  • Engineering services
  • Accompaniment, together with the Customer, of the examination of the Project documentation in the bodies of GlavGosExpertiza

Special attention should be paid to the functions of General designer: FSUE “Federal center of nuclear medicine projects design and development” of FMBA of Russia performs all the design services: from collection of baseline data for design and development of complex construction project to approval of the design decisions in state courts, implementation of engineering surveys, and it is also liable for the entire range of activities in accordance with the agreement (contract) concluded with the customer. The Federal center has all necessary state licences and certificates for works.

As General designer we perform the following works:

  • Volume, stage and cost determination of design works as agreed by the customer
  • Participation in design assignment development.
  • Collection of baseline data for design by the order of the customer.
  • Preparation of a works performance schedule.
  • Involvement of specialized (subcontracting) design organizations.
  • Preparation and timely issuance of design assignments and engineering survey results to subcontractors.
  • Conclusion of contracts on all kinds of design and survey works.
  • Timely solution of issues arising for subcontractors in the design process.
  • Coordination of works, performed by subcontractors, and linkage of architectural and planning, three-dimensional, technical decisions and environmental requirements to implementation of complex design work.
  • Approval of fundamental technical decisions taken by subcontractors within the design process.
  • Compliance of the projects with the design assignments.
  • Acceptance of accomplished design documentation from subcontractors
  • Selection of design and estimate documentation, including that which was developed by the subcontractors, and its transfer to the customer.
  • Liability for the efficiency and safety of projected objects, observance of regulations on the design.
  • Participation in coordination, approval and validation of project documentation in the manner prescribed by the existing guidelines.
  • Designer supervision over the implementation of the design decisions.

For reference use:

Designer supervision

Designer supervision is one of the services provided to a customer by a design organization. Implementation of the design supervision functions is a complex of measures to ensure compliance of architectural, stylistic, technological, construction, engineering and other technical decisions of a commissioning facility to indicators specified in the design documentation of the object, approved by the customer. The design supervision is carried out for the entire period of construction - from the start of construction until commissioning. It allows monitoring the construction process and ensuring that the end result will correspond strictly to the project, as well as it guarantees timely solution of issues that inevitably arise for the customer and building contractor.

Our projects:

  • Project for medical department group of buildings construction for the welfare of the space-launch complex “Vostochny” (Uglegorsk, Amur region) – I and II stages
  • “Federal hi-tech medical radiology center (Dimitrovgrad, the Ulyanovsk region)”;
  • “Reconstruction of experimental-industrial production of micro-and nanosystems for diagnosis and treatment of early stages of cancer, infectious and cardiovascular diseases, of production of medical compound microdispensers located on the basis of FSI “SRI of PCM” FMBA of Russia (Moscow)”
  • “PET center in FBHCI "Siberian clinical center" of FMBA of Russia (Krasnoyarsk)”;
  • “Radionuclide therapy department construction in FBHCI "Siberian clinical center" of FMBA of Russia (Krasnoyarsk)”;
  • “Construction of radionuclide therapy department, N. Novgorod”;
  • “Construction of PET center, N. Novgorod”;
  • “Plant for production of medical radiopharmaceuticals" of FMBA of Russia (Moscow)”;
  • “Design of technical medical module with equipment placement for diagnostics and radionuclide therapy (Arkhangelsk)”;
  • “Construction and instrumentation of an out-patient hospital for delivery of health care to medically ill patients, who have been exposed to radiation effects at radiation hazardous production facilities, FSCC of FMBA of Russia (Moscow)”;
  • “Expansion and reconstruction of scientific and treatment center in Federal State-Funded Budgetary Public Health Facility “Hospital # 144” of FMBA of Russia”;
  • Technical audit of the facility “Radionuclide diagnostics and therapy department” (Semey, Kazakhstan). The negotiations referring to conclusion of a contract on reconstruction design of Radiological center of Regional oncologic dispensary in Semey are in progress.

Some of these facilities have been built and commissioned; some are at the stage of construction or working documentation development.



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