Logistic activities

FSUE “Federal center of nuclear medicine projects design and development” FMBA of Russia provides services in sources of ionizing radiation transportation.


We deliver orders in packages of the category not higher than “III YELLOW” with radiative and radionuclide sources and active substances, which are used in manufacturing industry and medicine, according to the rules ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).

Our drivers use specially equipped transportation (transportation category “B”) and are trained to perform transportation of dangerous freight through inland traffic.




  • signing a contract;
  • documentation receipt (a copy of the licence issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision for appropriate type of activity with the terms, submitted to the Customer);
  • call-off order;
  • delivery period approval;
  • order payment (it is performed via bank transfer on the ground of an invoice in roubles);
  • shipment (it is performed after cash inflow on the bank account or according to the contract terms).


Direct packaging for radiopharmaceuticals is represented by glass vials with capacity of 10 ml, closed with plugs and aluminum caps. Then the vials are put into a protective container, which in its turn is placed in a shipping package UKTIА.

Inside the shipping package you can find a passport with indication of a product name and its quantity, characteristics, serial number and registration certificate, as well as basic prescribing information.

Radionuclide products are transported in compliance with the requirements of “Safety rules for radioactive materials transportation” (NP-053-16).



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