Scientific-technical and engineering support

Scientific-technical (engineering) support of nuclear medicine facilities

Engineering support and scientific-technical consultations on design, construction, and commissioning works at nuclear medicine facilities:

  • Preparation of project development maps with division into major stages and smaller tasks, lists of approval permitting documents, performers’ recommendations, financial costs sequence, sequential binding of deadlines, necessary explanations and justifications, primary documentation for accelerated commissioning and etc. The document gives a clear picture of the present situation, the sequence of further action and financial costs.
  • Audit of technical documentation for supplied equipment.
  • Technical support and advising on complete equipment and installation of equipment and integrated systems.
  • Audit of construction and installation works, including instrumentation of clean room facilities, works performance in compliance with the requirements of technological equipment manufacturers, radiation safety rules, etc.
  • Audit of existing and advising on preparation of the required permits, including licences for activities, sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, permission for erection of radiation-dangerous object, recognition/registration of radiation-dangerous and other dangerous objects, etc.

Delivery of services on generation of quality control system for PET radiopharmaceuticals according to GMP requirements (DQ approval, equipment validation - IQ, OQ, PQ, PV process validation, internal working documentation).

The future plans:

  • PET centers in FSHI SCC FMBA of Russia, Krasnoyarsk;
  • FBHCI VDMC FMBA of Russia, N. Novgorod;