Federal Center of Nuclear Medicine Project Design and Development


  • Constant monitoring of data allows us to competently organize work to clarify dosing methods, expand indications for use, storage conditions and transportation of drugs

FSUE «Federal Center of Nuclear Medicine Projects Design and Development» of FMBA of Russia pays attention to the information about the use of manufactured drugs

  • Following ethical principles and the requirements of the Russian legislation, we collect safety information, process it, evaluate it and bring it to the attention of regulatory authorities and doctors
  • The company cares about the high quality of its products and is therefore interested in receiving any safety information for the purpose of further evaluation and reducing the risk of adverse reactions in patients.
If in the process of using medical products produced by us, you experience adverse side effects and/or you have complaints about the quality of the products, and also if you are aware of adverse effects that have occurred in other consumers, please contact us:
You can also inform the manufacturer about the adverse effects:
  • by sending a message via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram to the number: +7−903−799−2-186
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