Federal Center of Nuclear Medicine Project Design and Development


  • Strict compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Formation and constant updating of internal and external personnel reserve.
  • Selection of candidates by assessing qualifications, experience and professional potential.
  • In communications and interviews, we value politeness, punctuality and fairness

The main principle of the personnel policy of the Federal Center is the formation of a highly professional team focused on achieving goals.

System of recruitment

  • Annual preparation and implementation of an employee training plan aimed at acquiring new knowledge and skills.
  • Help in solving problems and improving employee’s’ skills to achieve the strategic goals of the enterprise.
  • The personnel assessment and certification system allows us to improve in the professional field, taking into account the variability of the market, scientific achievements and legal requirements

Training and development system

Our human resources policy takes maximum care of each employee, respecting the person’s rights, dignity and freedom.

Recruitment system

If you want to take part in the competition to fill an open vacancy, please send your CV to: info@fcpr.ru with the subject “CV”
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